Looks like a really nice blog, but Please change the glaring brightness :( Sorry to say it put me off staying too long. Sorry, trying to be helpful x

I took off the white transparency that you see before hovering your cursor over a photo. I will also change my blog bg soon which will hopefully change the overall look of my blog. If you were referring to the brightness level of my posts, however, that will be unchanged. I enjoy how bright my posts are; I set them in a way where they are not too bright to the point where you are unable to see it’s content. If my blog layout is unsettling please go to my archive instead. Have a nice day.

Holy shit, your blog. It's blinding my eyes but it's worth it. This is amazing!

I didn’t intend on doing that to your corneas, I hope they are okay, but thank you. ^ ^ 

Do you not get a lot of questions from your followers?

Never, it’s a graveyard.

Blog Shout-outs~

Here are the blog shout-outs that I was telling you guys about. Sadly, this will be the only shout-out due to not enough people participating; I guess you guys don’t find an interest in shout-outs.

Have a lovely day and make sure to check out these blogs~

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